Friday, 22 August 2014

Are you worrying about joint pain ? Identify it by Arthroscopy

Athroscopy is a procedure that is widely used most of the orthopedic surgeons for the diagnosis of the joint disease. The procedure will examine the different joints of the body where the paitent feels pain or some sort of discomforts. In some cases the treatment of the diseased joint can also be performed with the arthroscope by inserting an endoscope in the bone joint. The arthoroscopy procedure can also used in treating the condition like acl reconstruction etc.

Normally the arthroscope procedure is performed at common joints like knee joint, shoulder joint, hip joint, elbow joint, wrist joint and  different ankles in the body. The various arthroscopic procedures are

Knee arthroscopy is performed in order to diagnose the problems in the knee joint. It might be knee pain or arthritis. The arthroscopy will diagnose the exact problem of the knee joints. Injuries that can be treated with the knee arthroscopy are torn anterior and removal of the baker cyst. 

Shoulder Arthroscopy is somewhat a similar procedure to find out the shoulder joint problems. A damaged cartilage and rheumatoid arthritis can be treated with the shoulder arthroscopy.

Most of the patients who have been experiencing knee pain and shoulder pain are highly recommended for arthroscopy procedure. It will definitely helps them to get rid of the joint pains and issues which have been experiencing for many years.

The only thing the patient have to be careful is opting the best orthopedic hospital for the arthroscopy procedure. Tosh Hospital is highly recommended for the efficiency and the advanced technologies used.  

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