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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Chennai

ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries are the most common knee injuries.The athletes who participate in the sports like soccer, football are mostly injured in their anterior cruciate ligaments.

It the anterior cruciate ligament is injured,then surgery is required to regain the full functionality of the knees.The functioning of knees may depends on the severity of the injury, and the activity level of the knees.

The Anatomy of the Knees 

The three bones meet and form the knee joint, i.e the thigh bone( which is also called as femur),shinbone(also known as tibia), and the knee cap(also named as patella). The Knee caps which sits in front of the joint is to provide the protection.

The Bones are related to the other bones by the ligaments.There are 4 primary ligaments in the knee.They will function like strong ropes in order to hold the bones together and may keep the knee stable.

The anterior cruciate ligament can be injured in many ways:

* Changing the direction rapidly.
* Stopping suddenly the movement.
* Slowing down suddenly while running.
* Incorrect landing of a jump.
* Direct collision

Treatments for ACL:

The Treatments for ACL depends upon the patient's condition.There are Surgical and Non Surgical Treatments for ACL.

Non surgical Treatment:

Non surgical treatments are mostly effective for patients who are elder or having very low activity level.Bracing is the non surgical treatment method, recommended by the doctor in order to protect the knee from the instability.

Physical Therapy will also restore the functioning of the knees and may strengthen the leg muscles.

Surgical Treatment:

In Surgical Treatments, it is mainly using the rebuilding of the Ligament.Most of the ACL tears cannot be stitched back, so in order to repair and restore the functionality, the ligaments are reconstructed.

Procedure for ACL reconstruction:

The Surgery to rebuild the ACL is done with the arthroscope using the small incisions.The Arthroscopic surgery may be less invasive and the main benefits of the Arthroscopic surgeries are, less pain,less time spent in hospital and faster recovery

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