Monday, 16 November 2015


Spine Surgery also called as Open Surgery, is described as the surgery with the incision for viewing and accessing the anatomy. Spine Surgery also allows back and neck condition to be treated with the minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The minimally invasive spine surgery doesn’t involve the long incision and also avoids the significant damage that to the muscles which surrounding the pain.This may results less pain after the surgery and a faster recovery.

The Spine surgery is recommended only the non surgical treatments like medications and physical therapy hasn’t relieved the painful symptoms.And, the surgery is only considered if the doctor identifies the exact source of the pain.

The Minimally invasive techniques is also called as less invasive spine surgery.In the procedure, the doctors may use the specialized instruments for accessing the spine through the small incisions.


In the open surgery, the doctors will make the incision and thus moves the muscles to the side in order to see the spine.The surgeon can access the spine to remove the diseased and damaged bone and can easily place the screws, and other bone graft materials to stabilize the spinal bones.

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