Wednesday, 25 January 2017

New Solution for Knee Pain

Stem Cell Therapies is advised if you have encountered an injury to the knee meniscus, cartilage, MCL or ACL ligaments, or have chronic knee pain due to a past injury or arthritis

Stem Cell Therapies have been used in different medical conditions to restore the function and improve the quality of life. In most of the cases, stem cell therapies have been lifesaving. Bone marrow transplant is the most widely used stem-cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy promotes the reparative response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives. It is the advanced level of organ transplantation and makes uses of cells instead of donor organs, which are limited in supply.
Researchers culture stem cells in a laboratory. These stem cells are worked upon to specialize into specific types of cells, such as heart muscle cells, blood cells, bone marrow cells or nerve cells. The specialized cells can then be implanted into a person.
  • Speed up the length of time it takes for injuries or wounds to heal
  • Decrease nerve damage
  • Reduce pain, even chronic joint pain, with less need for medications
  • Increase functionality, range of motion, flexibility and sleep quality
  • Reduce muscle compensations and risk for future injuries
  • Return patients to their normal activities as quickly as possible

As with most of the medical procedure, stem cell therapy does come with minimal risks. However, advances in stem cell treatment have nullified many of the risks. The biggest risk is most patients undergoing stem cell therapy face is an infection from the extraction of adipose tissue or the injection of stem cells.
The recovery time from a stem cell therapy treatment is virtually none.  A stem cell therapy treatment is an outpatient procedure. Other than some minor discomfort at the injection site for a short time after the treatment, patients can return to work the next day. This makes stem cell therapy a great treatment alternative for all those who are concerned about the long recovery time associated with a surgical procedure.
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