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Shoulder Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure in which is used to diagnose and repair the problems inside a joint.Shoulder Arthroscopy is a key hole surgery procedure in which a tiny camera, called Arthroscope may insert into the shoulder joint.The Arthroscope may displays the pictures on the screen and the surgeon may uses the images to guide.

The Main Advantages of Shoulder Arthroscopy are :

  • The Quicker Recovery.
  • The Post Operative Pain will be less.
  • The Operation can be done easily as a daily case.
  • Less complications.

Shoulder Arthroscopy is performed when the following problems may occur:

  • Injury to the shoulder joint.
  • Damage to any ligaments.
  • Any wear and tear to the joint.
  • Repair for any shoulder dislocation.

Preparation For Shoulder Arthroscopy:

As an Initial step, it should be better to stop the Smoking.The Smoking may increase the chance of wound infection.The shoulder arthroscopy may be performed under the general anaesthesia and so that the it will stops the feeling of any pain under the shoulder pain.

Procedure :

The procedure may takes about an hour. The procedure may depends on how much the surgeon needs to do.The surgeon may make small cuts around the shoulder and will insert the arthroscope.

The surgeon may examine the shoulder joint through arthroscope.If there is any damage , the surgeon may insert the surgical instruments to repair and also will remove any damaged tissues that may stopping the movement of the shoulder.

After that, the surgeon may close the cuts with stitches and will dress and get bandage around the shoulder.

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