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Stem Cell Knee Cartilage Regeneration for Knee Arthritis

A major cause of work-related disability among millions of people across the world is knee pain from osteoarthritis. It leads to the gradual deterioration of knee joint cartilage and is a chronic degenerative disorder. It may be the result of a prior injury to the knee joint such as tendon damage, ligament tears, and fracture.

This causes wear and tear to the articular cartilage and leads to joint instability. Arthritis may lead to damage to the bone beneath the cartilage.

For pain relief, patients are usually given anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. The next line of treatment for knee cartilage repair is injection therapy with corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid. Surgical treatments such as microfracture, subchondral bone drilling, and arthroscopy, are often the next steps in the treatment cascade.

Unfortunately, many of these patients eventually undergo knee joint replacement surgery.


Stem cell therapy

A better alternative is stem cell therapy, which is a minimally invasive procedure. It can halt the progression of the arthritic damage, has the potential to decrease inflammation, delay or avoid knee replacement surgery, and repair joint cartilage.

It is a key-hole procedure used to preserve the natural knee joint in knee arthritis. To remove the worn out cartilage, the arthritic portion of the knee joint is scrapped and cleaned through a key-hole (Arthroscopy). Simultaneously, from the hip bone, 60ml bone marrow is aspirated through the needle, which is then concentrated to obtain stem cell and growth factors. This is combined with clotting gel and is injected into the knee joint. This procedure avoids total knee replacement surgery. One’s own natural knee can be retained through this procedure, which is its biggest advantage.

The patient will be able to move the joint fully soon after the procedure and will be sent home within 24 hours. After six weeks the patient can get back to normal life as well.

Stem Cell Knee Cartilage Regeneration in Chennai

As a result of advanced stem cell therapies, many patients have been able to avoid knee surgery. You can learn more about Stem Cell Knee Cartilage Regeneration in Chennai from TOSH – Trauma & Orthopaedic Speciality Hospital, who are experts in knee cartilage regeneration.

For knee cartilage injury stem cell knee cartilage replacement is the best option. You can get it done in Tamil Nadu. Even professional athletes have benefited from advanced regenerative therapies for orthopedic pain.
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