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Home Care after a Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is considerably a major surgery in which the damaged bones areas are removed and replaced with the prosthesis. A complete care will be provided by the medical team until the patient is in hospital. However taking care of the patient after discharge makes a point here. The attendant’s dedicated concern only helps the patient in faster recovery and from there his pain-free journey begins. Caring your loved one both physically and mentally recuperates him soon.

Begin with fundamental needs

Preparing the room helps in ensuring a smooth recovery. You may better place the patient’s room on the ground floor to avoid strain. Pillow for the lower leg elevation, ice packing, supporting with walkers, appropriate toiletries help him much and keeps him hygienic.

Assist with medication and wound care 

Be sure to provide the patient with the prescribed medications regularly. Monitor his condition; if necessary take him to the hospital to visit your doctor for altering the medicine. Besides, his inflammation and wound on the surgery site, it should be monitored carefully and dressed accordingly.

Support with follow-ups

Always keep a reminder on the patient’s follow-up dates with the doctor in order to keep everything on a smooth track. Be on time on the appointment date to discuss your loved one’s issues. If any illness occurs in between the appointments do not hesitate to take him to the hospital immediately.

Motivate for exercise and rehabilitation

The doctor would have advised the patient to do exercises and slow walking. But, the patient may not have the desire to continue due to the pain and discomfort. At this juncture, the attendant should encourage him to do exercise for a faster recovery. The motivation boosts him always.

Monitor changes

If any significant change in the patient’s physical or mental state is addressed, contact the medical professional immediately. Surgery complications, medication side effects and changes in the wound must be informed to the doctor then and there.

Diet plan, pain management, blood clot prevention, infection control, exercise shall be closely watched by the caretaker as the exclusive Home care traits after a knee replacement surgery. Your care brings up your loved one’s condition improved.

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