Monday, 27 May 2019

Suffering From Arthritis? Avoid These Foods

Arthritis is a condition that is caused due to inflammation in the joint area leading to excessive joint pain. Arthritis is not just a single disease; it is related to several other chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, etc. It has become one of the most common kinds of lifestyle disease, affecting millions of people worldwide. The basic treatment for arthritis involves reducing joint pain and inflammation. But did you know there are certain anti-inflammatory foods that doctors suggest to include in the diet to prevent arthritis?

Well, there are also certain foods that should be completely avoided if you have arthritis. Read below to learn which foods trigger the growth of arthritis.

Top 4 food items that should be avoided

1.     Salt and Preservatives

Foods that contain excess salt & preservatives in them trigger the growth of arthritis. But how? Basically consumption of excess salt leads to inflammation in the joint. Having lesser amount of salt in your meal will help you manage arthritis in a better way. Eat foods that have lesser amount of sodium in them.

2.     Dairy Products

Dairy products contain a higher amount of rich protein in them. Excessive animal protein in the body irritates the tissues that are present around the joints. What most doctors suggest is shifting to a vegan diet. Having no animal protein through your meals is the best thing you can do to manage arthritis. Try to include more veggies and lentils in your diet.

3.     Fried & Processed Foods

Researchers say that decreasing the consumption of fried & processed foods help to reduce inflammation in the body parts and restore the defense mechanism of the body. So to manage arthritis, replace fried and frozen foods with freshly prepared healthy food.

4.     Sugar or refined Carbohydrates

AGE is a toxin that comes out from pasteurized, fried, grilled and heated food. An increase in AGE in the body results in inflammation. Excess amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates too, result in increases in the age. So to reduce arthritis pain cut out flours, candies and soda from your diet.

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