Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Spine Surgery - Permanent Solution For Back Pain !

Back pain is one of serious problem that is commnly faced by many people. Eveybody will expirence the back pain at least once in their life. In some cases the back pain will be extremely painful and may cause major disruption in life. Minor back pain will be cured with in 2 to 12 weeks with the proper treatment of a orthopedic surgeon.

But in some another cases the a spine surgery is required. For that the patient must consult a orthopedic spine surgeon. The spine surgery is the best ultimate solution for back pain. This surgery will result in the total pain relief.

Benefits of spine surgery

Increased physical fitness
No side effects
Improved lifestyle
Able to work normally.

Types of back surgery !

Spinal Fusion

It helps in restricting the motion between bones of spine.


In this procedure the ligaments or bone spur are removed to detect the cause of the back pain.  A spinal fusion is sometimes performed along with laminectomy.


Here in foraminotomy, the orthopedic surgeon will create a space at the sides of vertebrae. This space helps to relive pressure and thus to get ridof the pain.


Discectomy is the surgery procedure that is performed along with foraminotomy, or spinal fusion.

Disc Replacement.

Replace the damaged spinal disc with an atificial disc. It can be considered as a alternative to spinal fusion.

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