Monday, 13 July 2015

Treatment of Spine Injuries

The spine is the most important parts of our body that coordinates functions of all body organs. If any disease or injury to any of our spinal discs occur, the spine will not function properly. In the early days bed rest was recommended as the best method for treatment of back pain. But now doctors recommend many other solutions for spine recovery. Patients do not like the long bed rest. Spine injuries are very painful and  to recover from it takes time.

Physical therapy strengthens your muscles and decreases pain. Another non-surgical method is acupuncture. This method gives relief from pain at some extend.
Severe types of disk degeneration may put  on the spinal nerve roots that affect the nerves that control muscle movement of muscles.An Ortho Doctor will recommend surgery if a serious problem arises.

The main surgical process involved are

Micro surgeon involves the use of a small needle to remove the soft body of a swollen disk so that it removes pressure on nerves. Other micro surgical procedures can completely remove fragments of  the disk material.

2. Spinal Fusion
It is a temporary relief method. Spinal fusion can be done to give stability to your back part. It is the surgical process of combining two or more vertebral columns.

3. Discectomy
Discectomy is the surgical  process done for removing the body of a damaged disk .In this procedure, the body of the disk is removed and thus reduces pressure.

4. Laminectomy
The other surgical option is a laminectomy, a small part of the vertebral column is removed on the nearby nerve. This surgical process has serious side effects and can cause some kinds of complications to the person undergoing through operation. This should be done with the help of an efficient orthodoctors.

5. Disk Replacement
Disc replacement is a newer technology in surgical procedure in which degenerated intervertebral discs in the spinal part  are replaced with artificial devices.

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