Tuesday, 25 June 2019

How Effective Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cells are the body's raw materials from which cells with specialized functions are generated. Under a particular condition in the laboratory or the body, the stem cells divide to form daughter cells. Now, these daughter cells either become new stem cells or they become specialized cells which have some specific function. Scientists have started utilizing these stem cells in various medical fields.

The stem cell therapy is improvising rapidly in the field of medicine. The treatment involves separation of the stem cell from the bone marrow and applying it to various defective parts of the body. In the field of orthopaedics, it has helped to cure various disorders like osteoarthritis, cartilage repair & regeneration, tendinitis, non-union of fractures and osteonecrosis.

What benefits does stem cell therapy offer?

At present there are two types of stem cell injections one is the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and the other is the BMAC (Bone marrow aspirate concentrate). PRP therapy is the most effective form of Stem Cell therapy. It offers 5 main benefits:
  • It involves naturally-induced rejuvenation without the use of any strong acids, plumping agent or pharmaceutical chemicals.
  • The therapy has worked great for unresponsive injuries. For any sort of chronic pain, PRP therapy has helped to reduce the pain and other complexities related to the disease.
  • Not only PRP, but other stem cell injections also involve faster recovery. In the orthopaedic field Stem cell therapies have helped to cure redness and swelling within a short period.
  • The stem cell therapy also helps to reduce scarring post any complicated surgery.


Well, it should be noted that not all stem cell treatments are equally beneficial. Only the ones that involve bone marrow transplantation have proved to be safe and effective.

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