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Live Straight With Scoliosis Correction Surgery

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. The spinal curve may develop as a single curve (like C) or two curves (like S). Scoliosis condition does not give any significant symptoms in teens and children until the condition has progressed. Idiopathic and degenerative scoliosis are the most common types. There are three orthopedic options for treating scoliosis are observation, bracing or surgical intervention. When the first two options fail to improve the condition, Scoliosis Correction Surgery will be the last option.

Scoliosis Correction Surgery   

Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure in which the curved vertebrae are fused together. Then, the fused bones start to heal into a single and solid bone. This surgical method stops the growth in the abnormal spine segment and prevents the curve from getting worse. The spinal fusion is primarily used to reduce pain due to the abnormal vertebrae movement. Pain is diminished by stopping the movement of faulty vertebrae. Spinal fusion helps to treat many spinal deformities and scoliosis in one among them.
In the spinal fusion, a bone graft is done to promote the fusion. Generally, small bone pieces are placed into the spaces between vertebrae which have to be fused. Then, the bone starts to grow together.
Until the surgery ends, metal rods are used to hold the spine in place. With the help of hook, screw or wire the rods are attached to the spine. Normally from 4-8 hours is taken for the spinal fusion surgery and depends on the curve size, the time duration extends.


The hospital stay for the patient after the spinal fusion may be for 2-4 days. After the surgery, in the first few weeks, the patient is suggested with some basic exercises such as normal walking with a protective brace and few stretching exercises. Recovery may take from weeks to months depends on the patient condition.
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