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Stemcell Knee Cartilage Regeneration - An Alternate treatment for Knee Arthritis

A revolutionary new approach in the field of medicine has recently come to fruition with the introduction of Stem Cell Knee Cartilage Regeneration technique. In layman’s terms, stem cells isolated and extracted from the bone marrow is then introduced in damaged areas of the body to help the cells to multiply and the body to heal itself.

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Stem Cell harvest and application is gaining distinctive inroads into all forms of therapeutic procedures, especially in the field of Orthopaedics, for the treatment of Knee Pain. Knee Pain, on account of osteoarthritis, caused due to debilitating effect of age is one of the prime causes of pain and agony to the patients. Conservative treatments initiate with pain relieving medication, physiotherapy, progress to steroid laced injections and ultimately calls for surgical intervention.

However, in most cases the patient does not report significant improvement in pain alleviation and is hence advised to undergo Knee Joint Replacement Surgery.

Stem Cell therapy for knees, is a minimally invasive procedure that can result in phenomenal decrease in pain and inflammation, check further arthritic damage, restore the joint cartilage and cause delay or render surgery superfluous.

The Knee-Worthy Stem Cell Cartilage Regeneration Procedure

The primary purpose of the joint cartilage at the knee is to allow for smooth gliding of the joint surfaces and protect the surrounding bone from further damage. The Articular Cartilage has the potential to act as a shock absorber and hold up to 20 times the body weight. However, with the onset of osteoarthritis, either caused due to age or previous trauma there is gradual degeneration of this joint cartilage. This leads to acute pain due to friction and subsequently damages to the bone beneath the cartilage and the associated ligaments, tendons and muscles causing restriction in mobility.

A Note on the Stem Cells Extracted?

Adult Stem Cells have been tested to have the potential to multiply into cartilage, bone, fat or soft tissue. It has been found in this context that the injection of progenitor cells, especially the Mesenchymal Stem Cell restore degenerative cartilage far better than differentiated cells. They respond best to areas of inflammation and degeneration and cause modification to the immune system to contribute to the surrounding cartilage in affected areas.

knee cartilage regeneration chennai

How Stem Cell Treatment is Initiated

Stem Cells are present in abundance in the umbilical cord and small children. In adults they are localised in the hip and chest bones from where they are extracted using BMAC, a minimally invasive procedure. The same is then isolated using a special machine and the subsequently isolated stem cells are introduced in the damaged area through injection of two kinds:

1. PRP – Platelet rich Plasma
2. BMAC – Bone Marrow aspirate concentrate

The therapeutic use of these particular Stem Cells has been found to be perfectly safe and effective in the treatment of knee cartilage pain and osteoarthritis. Many patients have outlasted the need for any surgical intervention as a result of advanced Stem Cell therapy.

Knee cartilage Regeneration in Chennai

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